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We are also very pleased to confirm that Rising Empire: Part 2, the sequel to Rising Empire: Part 1 (funny that), is being released on Tuesday 14th July!

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To celebrate the release of C.S. Woolley’s 15th book, the Kevin Metis Saga will be free to download from amazon on 14th July to 18th July and Rising Empire: Part 1 will be free to download from amazon on 15th July only.

Kevin Metis Free Days

March Sale!

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FrontRERedesign300For all those ebook readers out there – Smashwords is currently running a site wide promotion with hundreds of books available with 75% off, 50% off and 25% off with the codes RAE75, RAE50 and RAE25.

Rising Empire: Part 1, Shroud of Darkness, Lady of Fire, Standing by the Watchtower, the Kevin Metis Saga and the Derek Long Saga are all available for just $1.50 with the discount code RAE50.

Follow the links below to get your hands on these ebooks at the discounted price. This offer is only until 7th March 2015 is get your kindle, iBooks, Kobo and nook book compatible ebooks whilst you can!

News of the Day: Best Selling Author!

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There have been no shortage of celebrations going on this morning in the Mightier Than the Sword UK office as C.S. Woolley’s book – Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren – Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 1 has been in the top 100 since 13th December!

Our web gremlins may have gone and done a screen print just so everyone can see!

FTAFTU 18.12.14


Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld is a collection of short stories that take you into the world of Nicolette Mace in a completely different way to Beginnings, the Kevin Metis Saga and the Derek Long Saga. Instead of focusing on the overarching villains, the short stories look at the day to day grind of her life and offer some fun little insights, infill between the books and years that are jumped over in the stories and introduce you to other people in Siren’s life that are friends, enemies and sometimes a little of both.

Though these tales might not keep you on the edge of your seat, they are funny, sarcastic and a refreshing change to trying to cram a full mystery, thriller, suspense plot into a small word count.

Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 1 is available in paperback and digital print from

As well as in paperback and/or digital print from the following retailers:

Waterstones Smashwords-Buy-Button Powell's Books nook Kobo Indigo indiebound_button iBooks half FoylesBook Depository barnes and noble Amazon Amazon Kindle Alibris Abe Books 

In honour of this achievement we are going to gift five copies of the digital and five copies of the paperback books to ten luck people! To enter see below. The contest begins at 12:00AM GMT on 19th December and ends on 24th December at 12:00AM.

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And how might you ask does C.S. Woolley decide to celebrate?

By going to see the Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies in 3D HFR wearing a cardboard beard…for the second time.


We’d all love to say we disapprove but really we’re a little bit jealous that we don’t have one of our own. Especially since though there has been some spirited debate in the office as to whether the new editions to the realm of Middle Earth have been any good, we are all agreed that the Battle of Five Armies was amazing! Badass Elrond was well worth the wait. Though we are all just a little bit sad that there won’t be any more trips into Middle Earth (aside from the multiple re-watchings of the six extended movies) we can be consoled with the fact that we do have Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor to play on after we finish playing on Dragon Age: Inquisition and Alien Isolation that is.