Big News Day

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Well it’s a big news day for all of us here at Mightier Than the Sword UK. Whilst most of the population of the UK is dying in the heat, we’re celebrating some wonderful events!

The first is the launch party for Penelope Wallace, it takes place tonight, 26th May 2017, at the Middle Street Resource Centre in Beeston. Penelope will be on hand to talk about her book We Do Not Kill Children and the upcoming sequel! It’s a free event, so if you are in the area, feel free to come along and meet with Penelope!

Penny Release Party Poster

We’re also celebrating a week of school workshops that C.S. Woolley has just completed. Running a variety of different sessions including Viking myths and storytelling, Developing character backstory, how to build a book world and writing your own fairy tale, C.S. visited Sherwood Junior School in Nottinghamshire, Mottram Academy in  Cheshire and Marton and District C of E Primary School in Cheshire.


C.S. Woolley opening the library at Mottram St. Andrew Academy in Cheshire. Photo Credit: Mottram Academy. 

C.S. Woolley grew up in Cheshire and attended Mottram St. Andrew Academy, so the visit to open the library and run workshops with the pupils in year 3, 4, 5 and 6 was an extra special experience.

“It’s been an absolute honour and privilege to spend so much time with all the children in the schools this week. They were all so excited and had such creative ideas, it was really wonderful to be able to talk to them an answer so many questions.”

If you are interested in booking C.S. Woolley for a school or library visit please contact for more details.

However, that’s not all that’s happened this week for C.S. Woolley has also had 20 titles released. These are not titles that she did under the banner of Mightier Than the Sword UK but for a different publisher.

Foxton Books contracted C.S. Woolley to write a series of 20 books for them. These were rewrites of 20 literary classics that have been designed to help people learn English- whether they are children or adults.

The books include comprehension tests that she devised and Foxton Books found a stunningly talented illustrator to bring some of the moments from the books to life.

The titles so far are:

Level 1

  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Huckleberry Finn
  • The Adventure of the Speckled Band (Sherlock Holmes)
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • Dracula
  • The Prisoner of Zenda
  • The Lost World

Level 2

  • Moby Dick
  • Gulliver’s Travels
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Treasure Island
  • Around the World in Eighty Days
  • Robinson Crusoe

Level 3

  • The Three Musketeers (one of C.S. Woolley’s favourite books)
  • Pocahontas
  • Oliver Twist
  • Frankenstein
  • Journey to the Centre of the Earth
  • Call of the Wild

You can find all of the books direct at Foxton Books or at Amazon, Foyles, Blackwell’s, the Book Depository, Wordery and Waterstones.

This takes the total of published books in C.S. Woolley‘s catalogue up to 58!



Interview with Penelope Wallace

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We’re taking a break from posting news and short stories to bring you a brief interview with author Penelope Wallace.

Q. What is your name?
A. Penelope Wallace.

Q. What is your date of birth?
A. 28th June 1962.

Q. Where were you born?
A. St Andrews, Scotland.

Q. Where did you grow up?
A. St Andrews, Scotland.

Q. What is your favourite sport?
A. “Sport” is an interesting concept. I’ve never come to grips with it as a participant, but I like watching tennis.

Q. Where did you go to primary school?
A. St Andrews, Scotland.

Q. Where did you go to secondary school?
A. St Andrews, Scotland.

Q. Where did you go to university?
A. Finally leaving St Andrews… Oxford and Aberdeen.

Q. What is your favourite colour?
A. The colours of the sunset.

Q. What is your favourite film?
A. I usually say “Some Like It Hot”.

Q. Last film you saw at the cinema?
A. “Dr Strange.”

Q. Who is your favourite author?
A. People choose just one?

Q. What is your favourite book?
A. As above.

Q. What is the last book you read?
A. “Magnum Bonum” by Charlotte M Yonge, and “The Gospel of Dot” by Humphrey Clucas.

Q. Who is your favourite band?
A. What is a band?

Q. Have you ever seen them live?
A. No.

Q. Do you have a favourite song?
A. Whatever I can’t get out of my head, unless I hate the words.

Q. How long have you been writing?
A. I have been writing on and off since I was six, when I wrote a shortened version of “The Jungle Book”.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?
A. Speculation about a world without gender prejudice, miscellaneous ideas… and a man who walked into my head.

Q. So your friends and family are supportive?
A. They are, on the whole.

Q. Are you an animal lover?
A. I will take the Fifth Amendment on this one.

Q. Do you have other creative outlets besides writing?
A. I answer questions stupidly and recite poetry.

Q. What is your favourite flower?
A. Forget-me-not.

Penny Release Party Poster