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It has been a day of excitement and squealing in the Mightier Than the Sword UK offices today. You may think there is nothing new there as we work in a world of books where geeks roam freely, but today has been a time when there has been a lot more squealing than normal.

The reason for all the squealing and excitement is that the photography of the completed arm rings of Yngvar has arrived and, well judge for yourself how beautiful it looks.


We will admit that after the initial moment of awe had come and gone, the only person who kept squealing was C.S. Woolley, but it isn’t every day that you see the magical inventions of your imagination carefully crafted in bronze and ready to ship. (There is now a theory floating around that C.S. Woolley might actually be Sauron and that the arm rings are a cunning plot to enslave the world and plunge all the lands into a second darkness – we’ll keep you posted on that one).

But here is a closer look at each with a run down of which arm ring belongs to which book and how much you can get your very own arm ring for. Each has been crafted from solid bronze and made by hand using traditional Viking methods.

Thor’s Hammer Arm Ring

bt_thorshammer_bracelet_bronzeThis particular arm ring belongs to Erland and is guarded by the Disir, Aldis. Found in the cave close to the town of Lindholm, it is the first arm ring to be found and claimed. It is discovered in FATE.

Price: £35

UK Delivery: Free

International Delivery: £2.95

FATE Arm Ring Gift Set: £40 (includes a paperback and digital copy of FATE and the Thor’s Hammer Arm Ring)


Dragon Head Twisted Arm Ring

bt_4mm_dragon_bracelet_bronzeThe dragon head arm ring is found by Riki is WAR. It is guarded by Thormar the dragon on the island of Fyn. It is the second arm ring to be claimed.

Price: £30

UK Delivery: Free

International Delivery: £2.95

WAR Arm Ring Gift Set: £35 (includes a paperback and digital copy of WAR and the Dragon Head Twisted Arm Ring)


Wolf Head Twisted Arm Ring

bt_4mm_wolf_bracelet_bronzeThough you might have expected this to belong to Eva, this is actually Dalla’s arm ring. Found in the book WIFRITH, it is the third arm ring to be claimed and is guarded by Oda the Ellepige.

Price: £30

UK Delivery: Free

International Delivery: £2.95

WIFRITH Arm Ring Gift Set: £35 (includes a paperback and digital copy of WIFRITH and the Wolf Head Twisted Arm Ring)


Danish Bracelet Arm Ring

bt_danish_bracelet_bronzeThe fourth arm ring of Yngvar to be found and claimed is the Danish Bracelet Arm Ring. It is found in DOUBT by Beatrix in the land of Álfheimr and is guarded by Þiagn the elf.

Price: £35

UK Delivery: Free

International Delivery: £2.95

DOUBT Arm Ring Gift Set: £40 (includes a paperback and digital copy of DOUBT and the Danish Bracelet Arm Ring)


Odin’s Raven Twisted Arm Ring

bt_4mm_raven_head_bracelet_bronzeThe fifth of the arm rings to be found. The Odin’s Raven Twisted Arm Ring was found by Pieter on Skåne in the book of the same name. It is guarded by Pernille the Pesta.

Price: £30

UK Delivery: Free

International Delivery: £2.95

SKÅNE Arm Ring Gift Set: £35 (includes a paperback and digital copy of SKÅNE and the Odin’s Raven Twisted Arm Ring)


Ship Bracelet Viking Arm Ring

bt_ship_bracelet_bronzeWhen a book is entitled SHIPWRECKED it is only fitting that the arm ring of Yngvar should be emblazoned with a ship. This arm ring is found by Camila and is the sixth arm ring to be claimed. It is guarded by Tokki the Draug.

Price: £35

UK Delivery: Free

International Delivery: £2.95

SHIPWRECKED Arm Ring Gift Set: £40 (includes a paperback and digital copy of SHIPWRECKED and the Ship Bracelet Arm Ring)


Valknut Bracelet Arm Ring


Guarded by Maren the Havsrå, this arm ring is found by Christian during the events of FEAR. It is the seventh arm ring to be found and was hidden close to the town of Roskilde.

Price: £35

UK Delivery: Free

International Delivery: £2.95

FEAR Arm Ring Gift Set: £40 (includes a paperback and digital copy of FEAR and the Valknut Bracelet Arm Ring)


Jutland Bracelet Arm Ring

bt_jutland_bracelet_bronze_newThe final arm ring of Yngvar to be found during the events of HOME. It is claimed by Eva under the town of Ribe and guarded by Stefan, king of the Dvergar.

Price: £35

UK Delivery: Free

International Delivery: £2.95

HOME Arm Ring Gift Set: £40 (includes a paperback and digital copy of HOME and the Valknut Bracelet Arm Ring)

There are currently 4 large Jutland bracelet arm rings available that are suitable for men’s wrists for £50 each including free UK delivery.


Want the whole set?

bt_bronze_braceletsIf you just can’t decide which arm ring to buy, then you can get the whole set.

Price: £230

UK Delivery: Free

International Delivery: £11.80


The prices are based on the size and weight of the arm ring. The Twisted Arm Rings are lighter than the bracelets and the Jutland Bracelet is the heaviest of all the arm rings. To order simply visiting https://PayPal.Me/mttsuk/ and entering the amount due for the arm ring or gift set you want to purchase along with the additional comment of the name and address of the recipient. If you also include an email address, then a receipt and confirmation of shipping can be sent to you.

You can also order by emailing providing details of which items you want and where they are to be shipped, an invoice will be sent to you for the items ordered and once payment has been made your order will be dispatched.

Alternatively you can visit the Etsy Store to make a purchase.

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As the Christmas advert for Sainsbury’s has caused quite a stir amongst the population of Great Britain – some loving the sentiment, others thinking it is disrespectful, it has led to those of us in the office discussing who are heroes are this week.

Of course when someone mentions that they have a hero, it is a very personal choice and what each person means when they use the word ‘hero’ is different again.

The word ‘hero’ is thrown about quite a lot, well there are many powerful words that are careless thrown about but it is on heroes we are focusing. The charity, Help for Heroes, works to help those who have served in the UK’s armed forces and been injured in recent conflicts around the globe. The classic heroes in Greek mythology – Achilles, Jason, Hercules, Theseus, Perseus, Odysseus (as Phil says in Disney’s Hercules – there’s a lot of euses) – all had adventures, brushes with the Gods and accomplished great things. Then there are superheroes who are always there in the nick of time to save the day but most have powers that allow them to defend the weak and the helpless from the forces of evil.

In our discussions about heroes we have set aside the superheros and classic mythological figures and we asked everyone to name one hero from the real world and one hero from literature – here is what we all came up with:

The Real World

William Shakespeare

Winston Churchill

John Wayne

Elizabeth Fry

William Wilberforce

Nichelle Nichols

The Duke of Wellington

Admiral Horatio Nelson

Sir Patrick Stewart


Joan D’Arc

Queen Elizabeth I

As you can see there is quite a range of men and women from different time periods that the office dogs consider their heroes, there were some other names mentioned but when it came down to picking just one this is what was decided. Others that were mentioned included Queen Elizabeth II, William the Conqueror, Queen Isabella, Pocahontas, Columbus, Mulan, Sir Christopher Wren, Sir Issac Newton, Marie Curie, William of Orange and Boudica.

In Literature


Boudica (Boudica: Dreaming the…)


Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)

Thorin (The Hobbit)

Mr Darcy (Pride & Prejudice)

Robin Hood

Sherlock Holmes

James Bond

Edmund (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Elizabeth Bennett (Pride & Prejudice)

Sara Crewe (A Little Princess)

This one was far more interesting than the real world as it led to hot debate with those that chose Thorin and Aragorn coming under particularly heavy fire for casting aside the hobbits in favour of the race of Dwarves and Men. But when it comes to books we seem to invest more in our heroes and are far more vocal in our praising and their defense when people disagree. There were lots of other names that were thrown out during the discussion including Richard Sharpe (though we have a sneaking suspicion that was down to Sean Bean more than the books), Timmy the dog (from the Famous Five), Jimmy the Hand, Katniss and pretty much all the characters in Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit (yes including the villains).

But from both these lists there are some qualities that these people and characters all share – but we’ll leave finding the connections and identifying these qualities for another day.