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Rising Empire: Part 1 is the first book in the Chronicles of Celadmore series. It is a part of a trilogy that acts as the prequel to Shroud of Darkness. Though it is the first book in the series it was the third book that C.S. Woolley wrote in the series (the first two being Shroud of Darkness and Lady of Fire).

The Rising Empire trilogy wasn’t just written to provide a little history and context to the rest of the Chronicles of Celadmore, it was written as there are lots of things in the overall plot of the series that needed to be established before C.S. Woolley could write about them in later books.

“I realised part way through writing the Shroud of Darkness trilogy that there would just be too much to explain and set up if I left it until the books where the events take place. I was always going to write a book about Kasnata, but it turned out that one book needed to be three.”

Not only was the storyline for the trilogy allowed to flesh out and develop going from one book to three, but it also gave C.S. Woolley the opportunity to go back and visit some elements of the plot that she had originally discounted due to the constraints of telling the story of this particular group of people in one book.

“I got to include a lot of characters that wouldn’t have gotten mentioned too heavily, maybe as a passing name, like General Misna and General Quisla; it meant that I could reveal a lot more about the characters later on and not rush to giving everything out about them in the first book. So if you think you have each of the characters figured out by the end of Rising Empire: Part 1, you might be very surprised by the other two volumes!”

Rising Empire: Part 1 has had its own mix of reviews, however two bloggers that particularly enjoyed the book took the time to give a detailed review.

It enjoyed a great review from Book Viral:

In such a competitive and popular genre it’s becoming increasingly hard to find truly original work, but Rising Empire proves a delightful exception as C. S. Woolley takes her readers on a magical quest of intrigue and high adventure. An enthralling read with a host of opulent characters, Woolley wields elegant prose to create an imaginatively rendered fantasy world that proves wholly absorbing. It’s certainly a compelling story which benefits from a well-conceived plot and one that’s sure to appeal to readers who revel in the intricacies of power and subterfuge as she brings the ambience of her imagined world to life. There’s no doubt that Woolley has a discerning eye for detail and understands the tropes of her genre, but it’s her characters that make for a truly notable read.  There’s ambition, greed, strength and weakness to be found in them and it makes for a rich tapestry that ensures her readers will become fully invested in the trials and tribulations they each face.

An epic in the making, Rising Empire is sure to be well received by fans of Woolley and is definitely deserving of your interest. It is strongly recommended!”

To read the rest of the article please visit Book Viral.

The Leisure Zone also reviewed Rising Empire: Part 1

“Book creation ratings:

* Max. total of 30 possible *
Overall total — 29.95
— Story & characters — 10
— Cover & title — 10
— Editing & formatting — 9.95
* based on a 1-10 scale with:  1-4, poor; 5-7, good; 8-10, very good.*
The review —
I must read the last two books in this quality written series. If you like adventure, with good battling evil, and one whale of an ending, then read this book. The story flies by, and it’s a book you can’t put down. Who will win the day–the evil king or his valiant wife?


The ending of the book leaves the reader happy and anxious as we head toward the next book in this three part masterpiece. The author is to be commended for a well thought out story, that is bathed in imagery and vivid scenes. It gathers the readers and transports them to another time, long ago in a distant land.


My best advice is get the book and get comfortable. It’s well worth the investment of time and money. Happy reading and enjoy!!!” To read the whole article please visit The Leisure Zone.


You can purchase Rising Empire: Part 1 from a wide range of distributors in both digital and paperback formats, for a list of some of the major stockists please visit the Rising Empire: Part 1 page.


You can purchase from amazon, Smashwords, Kobo and iBooks* by following these links.
*Links to US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia iBooks services can be found on the Rising Empire: Part 1 page.


Did you know?
Rising Empire: Part 1 was written in just 28 days – that’s from sitting down to plan out the plot into chapters to getting the cover art down, everything edited and sent off to the printers! Rumour has it that C.S. Woolley survived on just an hour’s worth of sleep every day in order to get in done in a short space of time. She maintains, “I would have got it done faster if I hadn’t had Dexter’s Lab on in the background whilst I was writing. I can focus much better when I have the West Wing on.”

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If you already own a copy of Rising Empire: Part 1, then the fun doesn’t have to stop there! A line of Chronicles of Celadmore merchandise has been created and some of it is already available for purchase!

Rising Empire: Part 1 Mug

Rising Empire: Part 1 Poster

Chronicles of Celadmore Logo Poster

Map of Celadmore Poster

A range of notecards and other posters featuring the character faces and quotes (some of which you can see further up in this blog post) are due to be released along with a range of bookmarks and postcards** slightly later this year. The notecards and posters featuring the characters are being released to raising money for charity. 50% of the profits from every sale of the notecards and posters featuring the characters are to be split between two charities – 25% of the profits going to the Broad Appeal and 25% of the profits going to the British Heart Foundation. Though we don’t have an official release date for these yet, we do know you will be able to order them for collection at the UK Indie Lit Fest (that C.S. Woolley and Steven M. Caddy are attending) and you will be able to purchase them for delivery through this site as well as through Etsy.

** the designs for the bookmarks and postcards have yet to be released.Rising Empire Kasnata, Kia and Kasna


Well for the next 72 hours you have found us here at Mightier Than the Sword UK in a very generous mood! That’s right we’ve gone and come up with a great deal on books for the next 72 hours ONLY. That’s right we’ve put together a crazy offer for this weekend – on our Etsy store, Birdcage and Butterfly you can buy all three books in the Chronicles of Celadmore series for £2.50 each (eBooks only) but we’ve decided that we want to do more than that for three days. For the next 72 hours you can find new editions to the Birdcage and Butterfly store – All three volumes of the Chronicles of Celadmore for the bargain price of £2.50 – yes that’s right you save £5 – buy one book and get two free. Not only that you will also get two 50% off vouchers for the Kevin Metis Saga and the Derek Long Saga in the Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren series with each purchase.

All this comes just weeks before the release of End of Days and Rising Empire: Part 2. End of Days is the final installment in the Shroud of Darkness and Lady of Fire triloy and Rising Empire: Part 2 is the second part of the Rising Empire trilogy. Don’t miss out on this offer to get the other Chronicles of Celadmore books so cheap before the next two are released.

There is also a competition open to win signed copies of C.S. Woolley’s Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld series. And for every 3,000 copies downloaded there will be extra competitions unlocked to win merchandise from the Mightier Than the Sword UK merchandising stores. So tell your friends, family and social media services for bigger and better prizes to be unlocked. Don’t forget to check back here for competition updates and other offers over the weekend.

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