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Happy New Year to one and all, now that the festive season is over and our offices are open again, we have lots to look forward to this year.

We have more books in the Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow series to look forward to, the next two trilogies in the Chronicles of Celadmore, more books in the Children of Snotingas series, the all new Children of Danelaw books, a new story arc in the Children of Ribe series, the all new space series – Rendezvous, the anxiously awaited Alpha Sigma books, more from Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren, new editions in the Shakespeare Simplified series with work schemes, work schemes for other titles, series companion guides and a new author with a rather whimsical book that has some fantastic illustrations.

If all that wasn’t enough to look forward to, there will be some big changes to the Mightier Than the Sword  UK site that include exclusive access areas, all new micro sites for each book series and a whole host of other changes.

2018 is set to be a big year here at Mightier Than the Sword UK and we hope that you all have amazing years as well! Keep reading!


On 12th November it is not only Remembrance Sunday, but the day when Peterborough is playing host to a rather unique event. C.S. Woolley is an author that hails from Cheshire but has chosen to bring the celebration of the release of her latest three books and her 70th title to Puzzles? on Bridge Street. “I love the atmosphere in Puzzles? and couldn’t be happier to be holding the launch party of my next books there.”

Hild Card

There are three books that are the focus of the afternoon of celebration. A Bonfire Surprise in Stickleback Hollow and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Die from the Victorian cosy mystery series, the Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow that has a touch of steampunk mixed with historical fact. Hild is the other book that is part of the celebrations and is the second book in the Children of Snotingas series, an Anglo-Saxon series for children that has been written to support the national curriculum.

Bonfire Card

Including live music from local band, The Tinderbox, C.S. Woolley will be signing books, offering exclusive merchandise and on hand so that people can chat to her about her books, writing, her upcoming school and library visits, and what it’s like to have 70 books published. The book launch is a free event that is open to all from 1pm until 6pm. To find out more, see the facebook event page.

Tinker Card

Puzzles? will be open as usual so you can get drinks and nibbles from 12pm and The Tinderbox will not only be performing during the book release party, but also will be performing two sets from 7pm as Puzzles? evening entertainment.

If you want to get hold of any of C.S. Woolley’s books and merchandise then you can see the full catalogue at our Mightier Than the Sword UK store.

May 2017

Since the release of the Lily & Rose Saga in the Raven Siren series, our beloved founder has changed the game on us. The series was due to be finished by the end of this year, and as we reported when the Lily & Rose Saga, there would be 5 books in the main story arc and a pile of titles in the Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld series that provide some shorter cases as well as Siren’s unique perspective on the world.

However that is no longer the case. The titles Beginnings and the Kevin Metis Saga are both being overhauled so that between them, the two volumes will contain all the Filling the Afterlife titles as well as the stories that currently create the story arcs. The Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld volumes 1 to 5 will not be included in these bumper books though.

The stories in Beginnings and the Kevin Metis Saga will also be released as Filling the Afterlife books.


  1. Medusa
  2. Siren’s Call
  3. Shadow
  4. A Shot in the Dark
  5. From Out of the Ashes
  6. The Case of Mrs. Weldon
  7. Hunting the Priest Killer
  8. Manhunt
  9. A Friend in Need
  10. Gangster’s Paradise
  11. Last Train Home
  12. Til Death do us Part
  13. Return of McGregor
  14. Murder in the First
  15. Sabrina
  16. How do you solve a problem like Siren?
  17. Ring of Fire
  18. When 3 become 2
  19. Ballad of Fallen Angels
  20. Case of the Welsh Corgi
  21. Murder at the Cricket Club
  22. Backtrack
  23. Once Upon a Dream
  24. Witchcraft
  25. Me, Myself and Fred
  26. Friends will be Friends
  27. Thicker than Water
  28. Money
  29. The Shortest Day
  30. Play it Again
  31. Maneater
  32. A Hard Day’s Night
  33. Ghosts
  34. Easy Come, Easy Go
  35. Dancing in the Moonlight
  36. Deceiving Appearances
  37. Midnight Runner
  38. Charlie, Whisky, Tango
  39. Double Down
  40. New City, New Faces
  41. At the Point of a 9mm
  42. Siren’s Last Stand
  43. The Streets of the Living
  44. The Derek Long Saga
  45. The Lily & Rose Saga
  46. Legacy

Hopefully this will keep Siren fans happy with all of the 99p titles that are set to fill out the series. We’d love to say that this is what we are expecting from C.S. Woolley over the next few years in terms of the Siren universe, but if the last few days are anything to go by, she could add more at any moment.

All of these titles will be/are available in paperback and digital format from Amazon, our Etsy Store, direct order via email (, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Nook and other good retailers. The Kevin Metis Saga and the Derek Long Saga are also available from WHSmiths.

April has rolled around all too quickly for us this year, but nothing stops the march of time, so we march along with it.

What we’re publishing in April

April 2017

We’re so excited about April as a publishing month –  not only does it see the launch of the newest series of children’s books from C.S. Woolley – The Children of Snotingas, but also the next instalments in the Chronicles of Celadmore and the Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren series.

There is also the Wilmslow Library Event this month which marks the launch of WYRD. You can find out more details about the event here, just be sure to get your ticket and don’t forget to enter the competition!

What’s New

There is a few things we will be announcing over the course of the next few weeks and some of these things will be big changes as well as events and even release dates for new titles.

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March has been a month of holidays for most of us in the offices (trying to get our time away in before the Easter holidays) but there have still been a few books that have been released and we’ve got an exciting month to look forward to in April.

What we’ve published

 The Arm Rings of Yngvar Collection

Arm Rings of Yngvar Mock Up

Welcome to Denmark, home of the Vikings When fate knocks at the door, it doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you want to go on an adventure or not. Join Erland Kabelsen, Christian Andersen, Dalla Ingeborgsdotter, Eva Axeldatter, Riki Andersen and Wifrith the Wolf as they set out on a journey that will change their lives and save their people.

This collection contains the first eight books in the Children of Ribe series that form the Arm Rings of Yngvar story arc. The titles including in the collection are FATE, WAR, WIFRITH, DOUBT, SKANE, SHIPWRECKED, FEAR and HOME.

Order your copy of the Arm Rings of Yngvar Collection – all 8 stories from the first story arc in the Children of Ribe series by C.S. Woolley. Only £35.99 including free UK delivery in paperback. It is currently unavailable in digital format.



They see us only as numbers, as less than them, created to be Soldiers made to fight in their war. But we are more than that, we are brothers, we gave ourselves names.

Some of us will live through training, but some of us will die. Soldiers are there to be killed, whether from their tests or because we fail in our mission. Soldiers are there to kill, fighting in a war we didn’t ask for.

But even amongst brothers there are secrets. There is something that they are not telling me. My brothers tell me I’m special, but I just don’t see it. Soldiers are there to kill and be killed, so why am I so important? Brotherhood will be put to the test as we battle to be the best. I am a soldier, I was made to fight their war, I cannot lose.

You can get your copy direct from out Etsy store for £13.99 in paperback and £2.39 in digital format.

All Hallows’ Eve in Stickleback Hollow


When her parents die from fever, Lady Sarah Montgomery Baird Watson-Wentworth has to leave India, a land she was born and raised in, and travel to England for the first time. Finding it almost impossible to adjust to London society, Sarah flees to the county of Cheshire and the country estate of Grangeback that borders the village of Stickleback Hollow. A place filled with oddballs, eccentrics and more suspicious characters than you can shake a stick at, Sarah feels more at home in the sleepy little village than she ever did in the big city, however, even sleepy little villages have mysteries that must be solved.

It’s All Hallows’ Eve in Stickleback Hollow and the annual ball at Tatton Park is being held. It is Sarah’s first formal engagement since leaving London, and she isn’t looking forward to it – especially when the people she thinks of as friends are not invited. The veil between the spirit and living worlds is at its thinnest, and evil forces seem to be lurking everywhere.

This particular book is dedicated to the staff and owners of the Three Crowns in Wymeswold, Leicestershire, where C.S. Woolley spends a lot of her time writing and filling her social media feed with pictures of their food.

Available in paperback from £6.99 and digital format from £1.99.

What we’ve updated

We’ve added new pages and details for the new books we have released, as well as the all new bonus section that will have a variety of different resources to it as time goes on – make sure to check back regularly for updates!

We’ve also added our book an author page, if you are a school, library, community group, festival or something of that ilk, you can now find out how to book an appearance by one of our authors by visiting here.

What we’re looking forward to in April

April sees the launch of the Children of Snotingas by C.S. Woolley with the release of WYRD and the library event in Wilmslow, Cheshire, to mark the release – to find out more about the Wilmslow Library event see here.


We should also have an exciting announcement about the not-quite-the-release party for We Do Not Kill Children by Penelope Wallace and news about the sequel, The 10th Province of Jaryar.

Besides WYRD we also have When Darkness Falls, book 7 in The Chronicles of Celadmore series to look forward to and the Lily & Rose Saga, book 4 in the Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren series.

April 2017

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Yes, our January card is looking quite exciting for fans of C.S. Woolley with some great new titles coming out from her many universes, though possibly the most exciting book on this list is Sabrina! It is a book that we’ve all been waiting for eagerly in the office, and we promise it was worth the wait, especially with the cliffhanger that you are left on at the end of the free book, Murder in the First.


9th January DOUBT by C.S. Woolley (Book #4, The Children of Ribe)

DOUBT is the fourth book in the Children of Ribe series and it certainly is a book that was a hard slog for C.S. Woolley to write – at least once during the process she declared she just couldn’t finish this one, but it was well worth the effort of getting to the end of – at least from the reader’s point of view!

16th January – Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Sabrina by C.S. Woolley (Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren, Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld)

Picking up where the bestselling Murder in the First left off, Sabrina is the longest of the Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld books and with good reason. Dealing with all the different elements of Sabrina’s involvement with the bickering trio, it’s a shame that like all good things, it had to come to an end.

23rd JanuarySKÅNE by C.S. Woolley (Book #5, The Children of Ribe)

30th JanuarySHIPWRECKED by C.S. Woolley (Book #6, The Children of Ribe)

All of these books will be available in digital and paperback formats from a wide range of sellers that include Amazon, direct from our Etsy store, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and other good retailers.