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Front End of Days 1200With book seven in the Chronicles of Celadmore on its way, we’re talking a look back at the sixth book in the series and where everything was left in Celadmore.

There are some spoilers ahead, but we’ve tried to limit them as much as possible. If you want to avoid any spoilers and read the first six books in the Chronicles of Celadmore – here they are in chronological order with links to our etsy store, where  you can purchase them direct from us (if you click on the book titles, you’ll find a complete listing of where the books are available)

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So from this point on there will be spoilers! You have been warned.

End of Days is the end of the Shroud of Darkness trilogy and one of the most important books in the Chronicles of Celadmore series. It doesn’t just bring closure to a story arc, along with the deaths of a few characters, it also ties together the Rising Empire trilogy and the Shroud of Darkness trilogy. It provides the jumping off point from the rest of the series – everything that you know about Celadmore so far has just been build up for what comes next!

Venetia & Gruagadon

Venetia EoD Quote 1Yes, the hero and heroine of the story arc haven’t exactly had the best time of it between the death of Venetia’s son in battle, Valians trying to convince Gruagadon to murder Venetia, the loss of most of Celadmore to Aksoth’s marauding army, the disapproval of Venetia’s family and friends and Gruagadon’s own misgivings about the people of the Order. But at the end of Lady of Fire, things seemed to be working out for the two of them. They were finally married, Venetia was pregnant and only Radow seemed to have anything bad to say about the relationship. Gruagadon Quote 1But the battle is far from done and with so many people crammed into the city of Grashindorph from so many different nations it was only a matter of time until they were forced apart – Gruagadon sat on his throne in the city and Venetia out in the wilds at the mercy of the Nether kin horde. Of course, Venetia is not alone out there, and she is returned to the city in the most unexpected style to save all from disaster, but in the end there isn’t a happily ever after for the Fallen Prince and the Red Demon and death isn’t something either of them have the power to overcome.

The Guardianship of Celadmore

With time running out for Lavinia, the guardian becomes more than a little desperate and in Tatinia ascending to the mantle of guardian there realm is left an awful lot darker and without the wisdom of Kania and Nodarto. It also leaves the Abbott and Cassandra without anyone to help guide them for the first time in several thousand years.

There are a host of new characters that appear for the first time, the children of most of the royal line of the Order has travelled through the portal in Grashindorph to seal it, much like Kasnata and Rathe did at the end of Rising Empire: Part 3, but this time there were no spoils of Avner to be created as there was no power of the rising Seven Stars to be deal with.

But what does this mean for When Darkness Falls?

Well, there is Darnado still loose in Celadmore with allies amongst city leaders and a talent for surviving. Delmira and the Valians still haven’t been wiped out and with all the business at the Abbey, you can be almost certain that it has something to do with the Seven Stars. Gruagadon is king and his children are alive, along with a lot of the other members of the Order. When Darkness Falls continues a few years after End of Days, and from what we know of the plot so far, things are about to get worse than they have ever been before – and we know that how bad its been for Celadmore already. All we will say about the events of the next three books in the series is that you are going to need a few thousand tissues to help you get through the books and that C.S. Woolley will need some protective headgear. The book is also going to feature the deaths of some of fans of the series who won the opportunity to be killed off during the Murder in March event that was held earlier this year.

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