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If you follow C.S. Woolley or Mightier Than the Sword UK on any of our social media channels, then you will know about the back to school offer that is currently running. If not, then you’ll find all the details below.

20447422_10159024620095024_298263206_oThe Arm Rings of Yngvar Collection refers to the first eight books in the Children of Ribe series, which see the Children of Ribe searching for the arm rings of Yngvar. The Arm Rings of Yngvar gift set is an opportunity for readers to buy all eight paperbacks in a single bundle with the added bonus of an A3 map of the Danelands for 25% less than they would pay for buying each item separately.

Normally retailing at £56.99, the gift set is on offer at just £45 with £2.90 p&p for UK orders until 14th September 2017. On 15th September, the gift set will go back to being £56.99.

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However this isn’t the only offer that is running right now.

bt_bronze_braceletsIf you are a regular visitor to the site, you may have seen the gorgeous bronze arm rings that have been crafted for us on display. These are currently out of stock, but we did have a request made for cheaper arm rings that children could play with. Thus the highly creative C.S. Woolley went to her drawing board, dredged up her costuming knowledge from days gone by and came up with a line of arm rings that are handmade to order out of polymer clay and retail for just £5 each plus p&p.

21729975_10159259171270024_933749259_oAs the arm rings are made out of polymer clay they are suitable for children and adults alike and as they are made to the specified size and number of each order without the use of moulds, each arm ring is unique.

So to celebrate the release of these little marvels, we’ve put together a second Arm Rings of Yngvar gift set that features all eight of the books in the Children of Ribe series, the A3 map of the Danelands and one of the polymer clay arm rings for just £56.99 until 21st September 2017. On 22nd September this gift set will be priced at £59.99.

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Welcome to Denmark, home of the Vikings

When fate knocks at the door, it doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you want to go on an adventure or not.

21744800_10159258246595024_240944598_oThe town of Ribe is the home of four children whose lives are turned upside down when Dalla Ingeborgsdotter arrives in the town. The tales of the storyweavers are no longer just stories to be recited by the fireside and the long peace between the tribes of Denmark looks sure to be shattered.

Join Erland Kabelsen, Christian Andersen, Dalla Ingeborgsdotter, Eva Axeldatter, Riki Andersen and Wifrith the Wolf as they set out on a journey that will change their lives and save their people.

21706459_10159259911355024_1310935111_oThe Children of Ribe is a Viking Saga for children bringing the culture and mythology of the Danish Vikings to life. The book series has been influenced by Enid Blyton, Arthur Ransome, Susan Cooper, J R R Tolkien and C. S. Lewis.

Based in Denmark during the time of the Vikings, these books are tales of magic and danger that are suitable for children from the ages of seven and up to read on their own but also perfect for people to read to children from the age of 4.

The Children of Ribe is a modern fairy tale that brings elements of Danish folklore and mythology to life mixed with elements of Viking culture. These books have been designed to help children with dyslexia to read. You can watch author C.S. Woolley talking about dyslexia and reading from FATE, book 1 in the Children of Ribe series here:

21585456_10159240303370024_1718988376_oWhether you are interested in Vikings, studying them at school, or are simply shopping for the perfect gift for your favourite bookworm, the Children of Ribe series is just what you are looking for.


FATE, Book 1 in the Children of Ribe series has been used by Marton Primary School in Cheshire to help teach the Viking part of the National Curriculum to their year 3 and 4 pupils.


It’s getting ever close to Christmas and today we are back in Viking Denmark for another short tale about the snow in Ribe. If you enjoy this take and the other short story from the Children of Ribe universe, there are some discounted book gift sets that include digital and paperback copies of the books and A3 posters that make ideal gifts for children and adults who haven’t grown up yet, available exclusively from our Etsy Store.

First Snow Fall in Ribe

The mead hall in Ribe was full of men, women and children. The sound of laughter and celebrating echoed out of the town and out across the lands beyond. Pav stood on the wall that they had built around the town to defend against the invading armies from Hedeby and Schleswig. The lights from their campfires dotted the landscape, glowing in the dark of the night and giving the old warrior and unsettled feeling in his stomach.

The snow had fallen and driven back the armies to the shelter of forests that surrounded the town. The animals had all been driven out and the snow had made it virtually impossible for the army to forage for anything in the forest. There were other dangers that lurked in the trees like trolls, wolves and bandits. If the armies of Hedeby and Schleswig were foolish enough to remain in the woods during the winter they wouldn’t be in any state to assault the town in force come the first thaw of spring.

“Any signs of movement out there?” Kaleb asked as he joined his father on the wall.

“No, everything is quiet, just as you’d expect. No one is stupid enough to try and launch an attack against these walls when the snow is knee deep.” Pav replied gruffly.

“How many fires have you counted?” Kaleb asked as he warmed his hands in the bracer that stood beside him.

“Too many to count, rising smoke from denser parts of the forest too. Impossible to know how many warriors they’ve got there,” Pav sighed, “how are the preparations going?”

“Well, Axel and Frigg have the fires burning hot enough to keep me forging from now until Ragnarok.” Kaleb said with a grim expression of his face.

“There were plenty of blades left on the corpses now covered by snow.” Pav shook his head sadly.

“The cost of war we pay in the lives of the young. You told me that when I was begging you to tell me heroic stories from the tribe wars.” Kaleb said patting his father on the shoulder.

“All those lives lost because Viggo has lost his mind and now calls himself king.”

“We’ve loaded the bodies into the boats and they are ready to burn – children of Ribe, Hedeby and Schleswig alike.” Kaleb tried to console his father.

“We’ll sing songs of this day for generations to come, of the madness of ‘King’ Viggo and how the first snow of winter held him here and broke the spirit of his army.” Pav said.

“You don’t think he’ll retreat?” Kaleb frowned.

“No, his queen is here and all those that would consider themselves elders of both Hedeby and Schleswig. None of them have the wisdom or experience in war that would tell them returning home until the spring thaw is the only sensible thing to do. They’ll be starving in a few weeks, and those that don’t starve will fall prey to the wolves.” Pav growled.

“At least with their attention focused on us, the children have a better chance.” Kaleb sighed and looked up at the sky. There wasn’t a single star to be seen, so think was the cloud.

“It’ll snow again soon. I hope they’re keeping themselves warm.” Pav smiled to himself.

“Erland knows how to keep a fire burning, even in the heaviest rain. They’ll be warm enough.” Kaleb closed his eyes and tried to not think about passing the whole winter without any word of how his son fared.

“They were meant to search for the arm rings, just as we were meant to stand on this wall and hold back the tides of war.” Pav said warmly.

“Then we must all do what the gods have put before us and trust that when the spring thaw comes, our children will be home again.” Frigg said as she joined her husband and her father-in-law on the wall.

“Brave the cold of winter’s nights, bear our heavy hearts on high, for the sun will shine once more when spring is here again.” Pav recited and turned his attention to the blazing glow of the hundreds of fires that sprinkled the dark, snow covered lands of Ribe.

More about the Children of Ribe

A Viking Saga. The Children of the Viking town of Ribe must find the eight arm rings of Yngvar. The arm rings contain magic, which will save their town from the warrior horde of King Viggo Odinsen.

To find out more about the four books in the Children of Ribe series, follow these links: FATE, WAR, WIFRITH, DOUBT.

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So far we’ve had tales from Ragaris, stories from Siren and short narratives from Stickleback Hollow. So today, on the 5th day of Advent, we at Mightier Than the Sword UK are pleased to bring you something from a time long past and from a distant land.

Yes, we’re talking about the shores of Denmark back when Viking tribes roamed the land and a small band of Children set out to find the arm rings of Yngvar. If you’re unfamiliar with what we are talking about, we are of course discussing the Children of Ribe series by C.S. Woolley.

Yes, though the Viking Saga for children doesn’t contain any Christmas celebration (the Vikings not being Christian and all) there are four tales that C.S. Woolley has prepared for us that deal with the first snow fall of winter from the perspective of the children on their quest, the people in the town of Ribe that is under siege, those laying siege to Ribe and the guardians of the arm rings of Yngvar. These tales have been written to eliminate as many spoilers as possible, however, as they take place at the end of Book 4 (DOUBT), there are some that are unavoidable.

This is the first of the four tales and they are delightful little stories that can be read to children, especially those who are excited about it snowing at Christmas.

The First Snow of Winter

The children were sat huddled around the small fire that Riki had built. The darkness was closing in around them and the cold had caused all their spirits to dip. War hadn’t come to the shores of Skåne, but none of the children could keep the siege at Ribe from their minds.

Eva was sat with Wifrith curled up at her feet. Even the wolf seemed to feeling the cold in the air. He whined and shivered, despite the heat from the fire. The warrior maiden thought about her parents back in Ribe. They had raised her as a warrior, trained her because they knew that she was destined to search for the arm rings of Yngvar. She had been miserable growing up because all the other children in Ribe made fun of her for training to fight. The old ways were changing and the tribes needed fighters to protect the villages from bandits, not warriors to fight tribe wars.  Her parents were both warriors, some of the last to take the trials of their ancestors, though Eva hoped that one day that she would get the opportunity to take them.

Christian was sat beside Eva, both of his arms wrapped around his chest to try and keep out the cold. Opposite him sat his brother Riki and his sisters, Camila and Beatrix. The three of them were huddled together to keep out the cold and had fallen asleep. Oleg and Joas, the two men from Hedeby were somewhere in the darkness, they had chosen to take the first watch over the camp to make sure that everyone stayed safe throughout the night.

Erland was lying on the other side of Christian and was snoring so loud that Christian was sure that anyone thinking about attacking them would be frightened off by the noise. Christian was glad that his siblings were so close, somewhere that he could protect them against the dangers that searching for the arm rings of Yngvar presented. His best friend seemed unconcerned about his family on the outside, but Erland had been quieter than usual since the news of the siege of Ribe had been brought to them.

Erland was an only child, just like Eva, and his parents were warriors in Ribe. They had taken the trials with Eva’s parents and he knew that they would be the ones fighting in the worst of the battles that were to take place around Ribe. But it wasn’t just his parents that his worried about. His grandfather, Pav, was one of the elders of Ribe and he had once set out with his friends to find the arm rings of Yngvar, though they had been unsuccessful. If it came to the defence of his home, Erland knew that Pav would gladly give up his life to protect those he had spent his life leading.

Pieter was sat hugging his knees on the other side of Eva. He had been sent away from Ribe to search for the arm rings once the siege had begun and felt that he should be serving with the rest of the warriors in the town – by defending it. He was wracked with guilt and the cold was only helping to deepen the melancholy that he felt.

Dalla was the final member of the company. She was using a stick to draw patterns in the dirt and frost in front of her, using the light from the fire to see by. It was Dalla’s way of keeping her hands from wringing with worry about her grandparents. Her parents had died and she had been sent to live with her grandparents in Ribe. She had barely been there a few days before she had set out on the quest to find the arm rings.

There seemed little to be cheerful about as the ten children and wolf spent their first night on the shores of Skåne.

“Hey look!” Christian said as he noticed something white fall to the ground.

“What is it?” Riki mumbled as he stirred in his sleep.

“It’s snowing.” Eva said quietly.

“It’s snowing!” Christian cried waking up Erland, Camila and Beatrix.

“What did you say?” Erland asked grumpily.

“It’s snowing! It’s snowing!” Eva shouted with glee. Erland, Riki, Christian, Eva, Wifrith, Camila and Beatrix were all on their feet in a moment, clamping their hands and dancing around the fire as the snow fell.

“I don’t understand. Why are you all so happy?” Dalla looked at her friends as though they were all crazy.

“Because snow falling here means it has already snowed in Ribe.” Oleg grinned as he and Joas came out of the darkness.

“Snow in Ribe means that there will be no fighting until the spring. Winter is here and we’ve got until the spring thaw to find the arm rings and bring an end to this war before they can start fighting again.” Joas explained.

“We have time to get the other arm rings?” Dalla asked brightly.

“Yes, and more importantly, we now have hope.” Joas replied.

More about the Children of Ribe

A Viking Saga. The Children of the Viking town of Ribe must find the eight arm rings of Yngvar. The arm rings contain magic, which will save their town from the warrior horde of King Viggo Odinsen.

To find out more about the four books in the Children of Ribe series, follow these links: FATE, WAR, WIFRITH, DOUBT.

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