Authorgraph and Autographs


There is nothing better than getting your favourite book signed by the author and when it comes to book signing, it’s a great opportunity to meet with new authors and even ask authors you’ve read any questions you have about their books. Of course with the rise of eBooks, it has meant that getting your favourite book signed is somewhat more difficult – after all, unless you’re willing to have sharpie scribblings across your kindle, it’s surely impossible to sign an eBook. Right?


Thanks to a free service called Authorgraph, you can get eBooks signed by the author. It doesn’t matter where in the world they are based, if they are registered on Authorgraph, you can request an autograph from them.

How do I use Authorgraph?

It’s not a difficult process to go through  –  and it’s free! Choose to sign up to the site and either create an account by filling in the form or choose to connect to Authorgraph through twitter.

Once you’ve created the account (if you are using twitter you’ll have to fill in a few personal details in your account section) and you’ve verified it using your email – you’re ready to go!

Using Authorgraph is simple once you’ve logged in.


First you find the author or the book that you want to get authorgraphed by using the search bar at the top of the page. Once you’ve found the book, then you simply click on request authorgraph!


The next screen you see gives you the option of sending a message to the author. This could be a question you want an answer to, something you really liked about the book or something for them to include in the dedication to you. If you don’t want to send a message and are happy with whatever the author will inscribe, then click “skip”. If not, type in your message and click “add message”.


Then you’ll get a confirmation that your request has been sent. Now all that you have to do is wait until the author sees the request and signs your eBook for you.

What if I am an author and want to register on Authorgraph?

It’s free for any author to register on Authorgraph and the process is the same as the process for signing up as a reader. Once you have verified your email with the site, you simply click add my books and using the ASIN of your kindle books (one at a time) you can add them to your authorgraph account.

You can choose to sign using a generated signature on the site or using the drawing tool. If you don’t have a digital pen (or aren’t used to creating a signature with a mouse or your finger) then you might want to stick with the generated signature. You can also add a personalised message to your reader too!

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Authorgraph might just be one of our favourite things in the writing world, not only because you can reach out to authors without having to wait in line for hours to get an autograph or an inscription, but because you can see all the works by an author that are listed on the site, you can instantly see if any are missing from your own collection!

The other pretty cool feature of Authorgraph is that when the author uses a signature they’ve signed themselves, you get to watch it appear as though they are writing it as you open your fulfilled request.