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Well we’ve all been lucky enough to have a few weeks off over the Easter period. This was mostly down to C.S. Woolley disappearing off to America for three weeks with her family to enjoy the sun, sea and swimming pools over there.

Some of us have taken the time to revitalise ourselves and get ready to come back full of vim and vigor, however other amongst our number have pretty much spent most of the break time working *cough*C.S.Woolley*cough*

As many of you may have noticed there have been lots of changes made to the site before we went on holiday and some more are on the way, so watch this space for more information and a more streamlined site experience for you, the users.

End of Days is not yet cold on the presses and we have been able to celebrate the release of Nicolette Mace: the Raven SirenBeginnings. Yes, the first volume of the adventures of the Raven Siren is now out and you can see where everything started, experience the first meeting of Siren and Fred, enjoy the friendship growing between Harry, Siren and Fred and meet the eponymous villains, Kevin Metis and Derek Long, for the first time, all for just $2.99 from Smashwords, £1.99 on Etsy and $4.43 on Amazon.

Camp NaNoWriMo is continuing until the end of the month and has seen some great productivity from amongst our team as well as the different cabins they are all in for this month of intensive writing (yes, we had to split them up, otherwise no writing would have gotten done).

Of course, coming back into the office after such a break does mean that there hasn’t been a great deal of work being done today. There seems to be a lot of discussion of Arrow, Flash and City of Heroes, as well as the hashtag #dontditchdiggle that seems to have emerged from the intensive viewing of seasons 1 and 2 of Arrow. Though there are several things that seem to be hotly debated, there are a few that the office is united in:


*SPOILER WARNING* (well potential spoilers if you haven’t finished season 1)


1) We all miss Tommy Merlyn 😦

2) Colton Haynes really does have cheek bones to rival James Marsters and eyebrows to rival Peter Gallagher.

3) Archery is cool.

4) Oliver should really pay attention to #dontditchdiggle, it just never seems to work out for him when he does.

5) Barrowman makes one of the most amazing bad guys!

6) Felicity has got style on her side.


There are also a few of the office going to the City of Heroes event in May where Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Katie Cassidy and Caity Lotz are all appearing, so I imagine that the Monday afterwards will be equally unproductive.


Today has been an extremely productive day for everyone in the office, so productive that we’ve gone and had FRIENDS playing in the background all day to help us keep going.

Our web gremlins continue to be very busy and we’ve got some great new site updates including the Language of the Order page now live. It contains information about the language that is used by the Anaguras and Queterians in the Chronicles of Celadmore and includes the working dictionary that C.S. Woolley has created. The page is still under construction so make sure that you keep checking back for the latest updates.

We also have the End of Days front cover to show everyone, not just the background art! It’s missing the spine still but we think it looks amazing and is a great ghostly impression of the villain, Aksoth.

End of Days Cover 1200

We’re not announcing a publishing date just yet as though C.S. Woolley is powering ahead with it during NaNoWriMo, no one has dared to spoil her creative flow by asking to read it! We’re all positive it is going to be as gripping as Shroud of Darkness and Lady of Fire as it is the final installment in the story arc and can’t wait to see what she has done with it all.

We know we’ve been rather quiet on the site updates and blog front for the last few days. Having so few of us in the office means it has been all hands on deck in terms of getting things done, but this week sees everyone returning from their travels and those who have disappeared into the world of Alien: Isolation seem to have all finsihed the game just in time for a few weeks work before we lose them to Dragon Age: Inquistion.

We’re really happy to announce we’ve got a new book review going up – City of Magi by Michael McDuffee. The review was done by C.S. Woolley but based on what she has said about it, those of us who stayed behind here hi-jacked her kindle so we could see what all the fuss was about (on a side note – never come between an author and her kindle).

Now that halloween is over it seems that everywhere has gone Christmas crazy but we’re trying to keep that kind of chatter off the radar until after Bonfire Night at the very least. So in honour of the foiling of the gunpowder plot we’ve got a great night planned for 5th November. V for Vendetta is on the cards with hotpot for dinner followed by sparklers outside at the local bonfire display organised by the Lions – oh yes we know how to live it up!

A seasonal warning though to all those who are celebrating Bonfire Night – sparklers and fireworks are dangerous so never use them inside and make sure you stand well back from any fireworks. If you can always go to an organised display instead of one in someone’s backgarden. Wrap up warm when going to any organised display and make sure you are wearing gloves if you are going to be playing with sparklers.

Now we’ve got the serious stuff out of the way – we’re three days into NaNoWriMo! For those who don’t know what that it is, the Office of Letters and Light organises an international event every year that takes place in November and its full title is National Novel Writing Month. The aim is to write a novel in just a month, at least 50,000 words, which means writing at least 1,667 words a day to reach that goal. C.S. Woolley is currently taking part and meets up with the Nottingham NaNoWriMo group. It isn’t just for published authors, it’s for anyone who loves to write and is up for a challenge and wants to raise some money for a great cause. For more information take a look at their website.

The offices over at Mightier Than the Sword UK feel horribly empty with so many on holiday. It means we are going to take a while to respond to people for the next few weeks – so please bear with us! We’ve got an exciting announcement coming up on Friday 24th so don’t forget to check back and be sure to keep your eyes open as we add some competitions to the site over the next week.

On a completely separate note, if you are an author and are looking to get your name out there with an interview then you should talk to the wonderful people at Write a Revolution, visit their website or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll have much more to share later in the week and (our remaining web gremlins are working overtime) even more site updates!

Happy Monday!

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So it’s been a week since we last updated the blog. Lots of things have been going on here at the Mightier Than the Sword UK offices, firstly we have some sad news to report – the Nottingham launch of the Furies poetry book has been delayed but as soon as we know when it has been rescheduled to then we shall let you know. Gotham starts tonight for those in the UK and we could not be more excited! There are new updates coming to the site soon but our web gremlins have been busy sorting out some new updates for our tumblr, facebook and twitter pages.

There have been quite a few book review requests coming in over the last few weeks so watch this space for some exciting books you might just want to read.

We’re also going down to a skeleton staff next week as quite a few people are jetting off to sunnier climes to escape the wet and windy autumn weather that has finally arrived, so lots of work is being done in preparation for going down in numbers now – hence us being so quiet on the blogging front. Those who are not off on their holidays seem to be called away from work by the siren call of the Shadow of Mordor and Aliens: Isolation. We hate to think what is going to happen next month when DragonAge: Inquisition hits the shelves.

With the dip in weather we have begun delving into the extensive collection of tea here in the office that ranges from Lapsang Souchong to Whiskey Tea to keep us all warm when we keep going in and out of the office. In our general viewing we seem to have gone a bit retro over here with the real adventures of Jonny Quest, Bucky O’Hare, the real Ghostbusters, The Herbs, The Racoons and other classic viewing from our childhood on in the background whilst we eat our breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea and supper – yes we do subscribe to the hobbit lifestyle.

All-in-all we have been busy with lots of small things that take up a ridiculous amount of time, when they are done you don’t have a lot to show for it but really need doing but hopefully with all the little things done it does mean we can get on with all the big showy things now that shout to the world we’ve managed to do something other than rediscover some of our favourite childhood viewing. Up next on our playlist is Earthworm Jim, TailSpin and Darkwing Duck…Let’s get dangerous.

being a good writer

Yes Monday has arrived and don’t we all know it. As the temperature has finally caught up with the time of year, we are battling with the heating system in the office and some of us are even using our keyboards with fingerless gloves. Yes we know summer couldn’t last forever and the UK would eventually plunge into the cold depths of autumn but on the plus side Game of Thrones fans – Winter is coming.

After our (mostly) hectic weekends, the office is full of Red vs. Blue quoting in one quarter and a few with heads on desks muttering something about needing to sleep more than they need to drink coffee. But thankfully our web gremlins have been drinking their coffee like good little gremlins and have been hard at work. There have been a few changes made already to the site layout and each book that we publish now has its own dedicated page. There are more changes to come but some of those will be down to you – yes you – the site users. At the moment we have two different layouts over on the Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren and the Chronicles of Celadmore pages. We’ve had some feedback already from people sending PMs to the facebook pages about the layout and the new site (thank you for that!!) but we want more. If you have a few minutes to spare take a look at the two pages and see which layout you prefer or if you think it needs something completely different! It’s completely up to you. If you do have any feedback for us then please Contact Us.

In other news C.S. Woolley will be appearing at the Furies Nottingham book launch on 14th October at the Maze and though the Nicolette Mace blog has been idle for the better part of two months there will be new posts up there later today.

Happy Monday everyone!


We’ve had some great fun playing around with the site, so if you have looked at it one day and thought it was different the next – then you’d be right!

We are currently getting our little web gremlins to keep playing with the structure to make the site as user friendly as possible. Each of the books we publish is getting it’s own page and the series also have a page where you can see which books go where and find out other fun facts.

We have also go some great things in store for the Chronicles of Celadmore pages with histories, languages and other bits set to be added to the site over the next few weeks so you can learn all about the creatures, the expanded world and delve deeper into the heart of the Order and other cultures like never before.

One of the biggest updates we have to announce is the inclusion of the Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren – Shorts page on the site. Check out the page to learn about the plans and effort that is being put in to bring the books by C.S. Woolley to life and ways you can help support the project!

And just because its a bit of fun

mystery books

This week started off really well here with the site being all put together and everything being uploaded, though there is more to come and little bits to tweak here and there, we at least think, it’s looking fairly swish.

The latest sections to have been updated and uploaded include the books page and the merchandise page as well as pages for Standing by the Watchtower: Volume 1 and A Miracle of Grace as well as the series front pages for the Chronicles of Celadmore and Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren. The series sections have expansions planned but we don’t want to overwhelm you with them all straight out of the gate!

This great start has been somewhat stalled though as there are a few of us here with a nasty stomach bug and some are even confined to their beds to get over it!

For the rest of this week we have some exciting announcements coming up and a really worth while cause to share but in the meantime we have a little bit of a sneak peak at C.S. Woolley’s next book, End of Days (the Chronicles of Celadmore), to share.

Cryxander looked down on his best friend. She was still heavily pregnant and the weight of it told upon her face. There were shadows around her eyes that he had not seen before and the burden of warriors she dare not voice aloud.
The room had become quieted once more by the appearance of the flames, which now dwindled to nothing more than scorch marks upon the stone.
“The throne of Grashindorph has stood empty since the start of the Dragonian Wars. It is time that the heir was crowned and took his place among you.” Venetia said without emotion.
A hollow laugh from Areleck Don Vasnon broke the stunned silence that the Queen of Dark Fire’s statement had plunged the hall into.
“You are not as stupid as the reputation of barbarians would have us believe. The heir that you speak of is your husband and is not tied to the throne by blood.” There was a nasty expression on the face of the leader of Hespina’s face as he crowed.
“It is true, he is my husband. But you are wrong if you think he is not tied to the throne by blood.” Venetia’s smile that she fixed upon the West Tribanian was far from reassuring.
“What proof do you have to substantiate your claim?” Nentalan, leader of Delma stood and spoke directly to Gruagadon, who looked bewildered at all that was unfolding before him.
“Disella.” The Red Demon turned and indicated that the leader of Mocandella should take the floor. Gevana glanced at her cousin and frowned. The lady of Benadrocca hadn’t spoken to her queen in several days. Venetia had been absent from the public eye of the city and had left the day to day running of Grashindorph in the hands of Ralenda and Alacana.
“I don’t understand, they will never allow this without some form of sacrifice.” Gevana hissed to Dominia. The Lady of Varent and Varenta fixed her cousin with a sad gaze.
“Venetia is aware of that. Whatever she has planned, Cassandra being here is not a good sign.” Dominia cast her eyes back across the room to where Cryxander sat. The young lord was lost in a world of his own, but in his eyes she could read rage.
Politics. Cryxander thought and shook his head in despair. He knew that this game would be long and drawn out and that Venetia would not have begun this if she was not certain she could seat her husband upon the throne. He had noted her absence from the city as of late, but had assumed that it was her pregnancy that had seen her withdraw, not scheming against the corrupt officials of the realm. He looked at the two men stood at her shoulder and wondered just what it was that Venetia expected to have the two guarding her so closely.
Caslo moved as Venetia’s shadow, his eyes were alertly scanning the room, his sword arm only requiring the smallest movement to bring his Astana Drecsar to bear against an enemy’s throat. But for all this he appeared as a passive mask, unflinching under the stern gazes of some of those gathered.
Harlden was the very model of a Knight-Marshall. His bearing was noble and mildly threatening. He did not seek to be invisible as Caslo did, he strode purposively, each step allowing his armour to ring, the full weight of his frame being displayed for all to see.
Other leaders had begged to bring bodyguards and those that had not begged had threatened. But all protests were turned aside by the Queen of the Anaguras. No assassin could infiltrate the Hall of Kings without being noticed by the guards Venetia had posted around the building. They were the Royal Guard, second only to the Eight in their abilities. Rhys was their captain and hand-picked each member for the skills they displayed. Teal had been appointed as her second-in-command and still watched over Alacana.
The women of the Royal Guard had no reputation, not even the wind carried whispers of their exploits. For deadlier than any assassin, they knew the shadows well and those that lived in them. Many shadow groups that had been paid for by varying people across Celadmore to infiltrate and assassinate those of the Order that no longer existed. Their assassins they sent had vanished without a trace, those they sent to investigate also disappeared. When dignitaries had tried to contract their services once more, they could no longer be found.

End of Days by C.S. Woolley Due for publication winter 2014.


The all new Mightier Than the Sword UK website is now live! There will be pages and information added over the coming weeks as well as regular updates but in the meantime there is plenty to discover!

We know have our author pages live as well as our services section.

The about page has been updated and interviews will be added to the interview tab as we collect them in from various sources.

Keep coming back as more and more will be added to the site each day including merchandise and information about book series and upcoming events.