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We know that everybody loves getting to read sneak peeks and works in progress! Well with the release of Rising Empire: Part 3 today, we thought that this weekly work in progress should be a taster from C.S. Woolley’s next book in the Chronicles of Cealdmore.


It’s only a short extract, but we hope it’s enough to whet your appetite for all that is to come from the realm of Celadmore!

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An extract from Rising Empire: Part 3

C.S. Woolley, Chronicles of Celadmore, News

With C.S. Woolley doing her third re-work of Rising Empire: Part 3, we appreciate that there are some people out there who are eager to find out what happens next in the ongoing tale of Queen Kasnata Nosfa, General Rathe Bird and King Mercia Nosfa.

With just seven days until it will be hitting the shops (and staying there this time), we have a special treat for you!  A short extract from Rising Empire: Part 3!


In the meantime, if you haven’t dived into the world of Celadmore before, you can get Rising Empire: Part 1 and Rising Empire: Part 2 from the following retailers:


Rising Empire: Part 1 is also available from WHSmiths in digital format. You can also order all three volumes of the Rising Empire trilogy direct from our Etsy store.

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This Week at Mightier Than the Sword UK


This week started off really well here with the site being all put together and everything being uploaded, though there is more to come and little bits to tweak here and there, we at least think, it’s looking fairly swish.

The latest sections to have been updated and uploaded include the books page and the merchandise page as well as pages for Standing by the Watchtower: Volume 1 and A Miracle of Grace as well as the series front pages for the Chronicles of Celadmore and Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren. The series sections have expansions planned but we don’t want to overwhelm you with them all straight out of the gate!

This great start has been somewhat stalled though as there are a few of us here with a nasty stomach bug and some are even confined to their beds to get over it!

For the rest of this week we have some exciting announcements coming up and a really worth while cause to share but in the meantime we have a little bit of a sneak peak at C.S. Woolley’s next book, End of Days (the Chronicles of Celadmore), to share.

Cryxander looked down on his best friend. She was still heavily pregnant and the weight of it told upon her face. There were shadows around her eyes that he had not seen before and the burden of warriors she dare not voice aloud.
The room had become quieted once more by the appearance of the flames, which now dwindled to nothing more than scorch marks upon the stone.
“The throne of Grashindorph has stood empty since the start of the Dragonian Wars. It is time that the heir was crowned and took his place among you.” Venetia said without emotion.
A hollow laugh from Areleck Don Vasnon broke the stunned silence that the Queen of Dark Fire’s statement had plunged the hall into.
“You are not as stupid as the reputation of barbarians would have us believe. The heir that you speak of is your husband and is not tied to the throne by blood.” There was a nasty expression on the face of the leader of Hespina’s face as he crowed.
“It is true, he is my husband. But you are wrong if you think he is not tied to the throne by blood.” Venetia’s smile that she fixed upon the West Tribanian was far from reassuring.
“What proof do you have to substantiate your claim?” Nentalan, leader of Delma stood and spoke directly to Gruagadon, who looked bewildered at all that was unfolding before him.
“Disella.” The Red Demon turned and indicated that the leader of Mocandella should take the floor. Gevana glanced at her cousin and frowned. The lady of Benadrocca hadn’t spoken to her queen in several days. Venetia had been absent from the public eye of the city and had left the day to day running of Grashindorph in the hands of Ralenda and Alacana.
“I don’t understand, they will never allow this without some form of sacrifice.” Gevana hissed to Dominia. The Lady of Varent and Varenta fixed her cousin with a sad gaze.
“Venetia is aware of that. Whatever she has planned, Cassandra being here is not a good sign.” Dominia cast her eyes back across the room to where Cryxander sat. The young lord was lost in a world of his own, but in his eyes she could read rage.
Politics. Cryxander thought and shook his head in despair. He knew that this game would be long and drawn out and that Venetia would not have begun this if she was not certain she could seat her husband upon the throne. He had noted her absence from the city as of late, but had assumed that it was her pregnancy that had seen her withdraw, not scheming against the corrupt officials of the realm. He looked at the two men stood at her shoulder and wondered just what it was that Venetia expected to have the two guarding her so closely.
Caslo moved as Venetia’s shadow, his eyes were alertly scanning the room, his sword arm only requiring the smallest movement to bring his Astana Drecsar to bear against an enemy’s throat. But for all this he appeared as a passive mask, unflinching under the stern gazes of some of those gathered.
Harlden was the very model of a Knight-Marshall. His bearing was noble and mildly threatening. He did not seek to be invisible as Caslo did, he strode purposively, each step allowing his armour to ring, the full weight of his frame being displayed for all to see.
Other leaders had begged to bring bodyguards and those that had not begged had threatened. But all protests were turned aside by the Queen of the Anaguras. No assassin could infiltrate the Hall of Kings without being noticed by the guards Venetia had posted around the building. They were the Royal Guard, second only to the Eight in their abilities. Rhys was their captain and hand-picked each member for the skills they displayed. Teal had been appointed as her second-in-command and still watched over Alacana.
The women of the Royal Guard had no reputation, not even the wind carried whispers of their exploits. For deadlier than any assassin, they knew the shadows well and those that lived in them. Many shadow groups that had been paid for by varying people across Celadmore to infiltrate and assassinate those of the Order that no longer existed. Their assassins they sent had vanished without a trace, those they sent to investigate also disappeared. When dignitaries had tried to contract their services once more, they could no longer be found.

End of Days by C.S. Woolley Due for publication winter 2014.