An experiment

So our lovely web gremlins have been asking for a while if we would let them start blogging with some more serious posts about technology and business and other things that sound all very exciting so it was decided that we would experiment and allow them to post a couple of blogs and see what […]

Three Days to go

With only three more days to go until Christmas we are all celebrating our last day in the office until we get an emergency call saying the pipes have broken or until 29th December – whichever comes first. (our money is on the pipes breaking on Christmas Day). We’ve been busy setting up lots of […]

Our web gremlins

So with today’s post we all wanted to say a big thank you to our lovely web gremlins who have worked so hard on getting the new Mightier Than the Sword UK site up and running. Having sat and watched some of what they have done I can’t quite believe they are still sane. The […]